Hello and welcome to my blog. I want to welcome you to learning more about our ancestors (yours and mine both).

I started doing family history in 2002 as a high school project. I was like many other people, aside from my grandparent’s and my great grandmother’s I didn’t really know anything else about who I came from. I was lucky enough to have my parents and grandparents still around who could help me get started. After doing the work for this high school project, I had to know more about these people that I came from and I haven’t stopped learning about them since.

Eventually I came to find I was descended from so many different types of people. I had ancestors that were poor immigrants, struggling when they came to America, working any job that they could find, starving to succeed in this completely new world to them. Some fought in the Revolutionary War, some the Civil War, fighting for what they thought was right and fighting against their own brothers. Others were royals, people who would be born into an easier, more high class life, but still made steps in teaching us lessons and making strides to create the world we know today. Some of these men and women you can relate to, some of them you will know.

The men and women in our family trees all had their own goals, hopes, and dreams. All had their fears and all had those they loved. They experienced loss and pain at some point in their lives as well. We all have our stories to share today and they had stories too, some have been forgotten, some have been passed down. I started this to bring their stories to life for you as well as my family so that they are not forgotten.

If there is someone that you would like to learn more about, or someone’s story that you’d like to share with the world please feel free to email me at siceloff.christina@gmail.com, which will be shared frequently on this page and I’d be glad to look for more information about them.

I also do family research so that you don’t have to. If you are interested in that, again email me and I’ll email you back ASAP with all of the details on what I would need to get started. All information is kept private, unless of course you ask me to share something with someone else. I will give you any information I find, stories of your ancestors, birth, marriage, death records, military records, pictures, immigration records, anything that I can find for you back to 1700, all of it for just $40.00. If I can’t find anything for you I won’t charge anything. The fee is not due until I am completed with your research and when you are ready to receive it.

Anyways, this blog will cover anyone who has passed away so as no information about living people is released for privacy concerns. I hope that you will enjoy learning and reading about these stories and that you can go on to share them with your friends and family as well so that these stories will not be forgotten. Any questions you have please feel free to ask me.

Take care and enjoy learning about our pasts.



Published by: csiceloff85

Hello, my name is Christina Siceloff. I am 31 years old and grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been doing family history of my own since 2002, but have started doing it for others as well in the past few years here and there. I love history, and also like music, movies, and video games. I have an associates degree in general studies with concentrations in humanities and social sciences. I also went to school for my EMT certification and plan on one day completing that as well, that darn written exam lol. I also was a volunteer firefighter and plan to join back up with that sometime too.

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