Not really to do with history, but inspiring: Proving people wrong 

I came across this blog in the wee hours of the night, and found this inspiring and felt I needed to share with all of you. There may be some of you out there that have been through some thing she has been through, I know I have, and may find this inspiring as well. It may not have to do with history, but even people now, living in our time, and our age, will one day be a part of history, no matter how much of a difference they make. Maybe one day in the future someone will come across her writings, your blogs, or my blog and be able to learn something about us now. Anyhow, I just felt the need to share.

In grade 1 I got kicked out of music class playing musical chairs, so I started my own. The teacher told me off and slapped my hand and told me to sit down.  When I was in grade 3, my teacher …

Source: Proving people wrong 


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Hello, my name is Christina Siceloff. I am 31 years old and grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been doing family history of my own since 2002, but have started doing it for others as well in the past few years here and there. I love history, and also like music, movies, and video games. I have an associates degree in general studies with concentrations in humanities and social sciences. I also went to school for my EMT certification and plan on one day completing that as well, that darn written exam lol. I also was a volunteer firefighter and plan to join back up with that sometime too.

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