some new posts coming soon…UPDATED

I’m going to do a few posts soon on some people who aren’t related to me…at least that I know of so far…they are just to do for Halloween fun kind of. Then I have one coming up who is related to me so just a quick update for you all…thanks for your support in reading and coming back to read more.

November 1, 2016
I have been a little behind on getting these posts up, besides Jack the Ripper because of some recent things going on in my life, well a close family friend, a long family pet, and my little brother. Everything has gotten better with the family friend, however, the long time family pet of 15 years has passed away, and then my brother’s situation is still ongoing, but should not be talked about on here, except for mentioning that he has had some problems in the past and now after things seemed to be turning around they just got bad again, but the rest is too personal. I just ask from you all if you do pray then please say some for him, if you just send out positive energy or thoughts please send some for him through this time. Anyhow, besides all this I want to get these posts up. I cut out one post to save for next year, or later at some point, but I want to share one and I’ll explain why in a minute, but the other that is related to me will come soon after that…I am working on them as much as I can and getting them out to you as quickly as I can.

As for my next post, I want to tell you all why I chose to write about this person, but not who it is just yet. I feel that, even though this person is still living, there are things to learn from the person and from the people he was involved with.

I chose to write about this person because lately around where I live there has been a lot of crime going on, something I don’t remember much of growing up, except in certain places in the area. Earlier in the year, maybe even last year now, a young lady I went to school with was killed by another person I had gone to school with. The person who killed the young lady I feel has had some struggles with their mental health and I would have never expected that someone I went to school with would have done something so horrific. As the case is ongoing, I do want to discuss more than that, but it led me to want to write about this other person…who has also had obvious mental illnesses. The person I am writing about can teach an important lesson to people of trust. Not everyone should be trusted, no matter how well you think you know them. I’ve known many people that I thought I could trust, been in relationships with people I thought I could trust, only to get hurt in the end. Some people are just so manipulative that they can, as you will see, convince people they are good, then drive people past the point of no return. They can hurt people and destroy lives with their manipulation.

This is not who I am, I’ve had to learn the lesson myself of not trusting everything about someone, and luckily that lesson has lead me, so far to someone who is trustworthy, who I feel does not lie to me.

I want to share this person with you because the person had lost their family when they were young, and probably because of that loss did not know who they were or who they came from. As they grew they made their own family, and eventually had a large family that would do absolutely anything for them. I think this person shows how important it is to know who you are and where you came from because maybe if the person did know they would have looked out for what was happening to them, taken a different path in life, asked for help as they grew to be absolutely insane.

I hope you can see through this next post how everyone should know where they came from because it leads you to better understand yourself as you grow. This person and their family lost one of the most important things in life that people can have and they lost it at a young age, but as they all grew they still were searching for it, that thing is love…but unfortunately they would find that love with someone who was just like them, but this persons lost any sense of love at a young age and it drove them mad, made them manipulative, made them angry, made them as I said earlier insane. It’s hard to describe someone who you can’t understand because you can’t understand why the person or the family would ever do something so horrible, but yet there are other people out there too that are just like them. I can’t describe it because I can’t understand how someone can be so full of hate for the world and for people that they never even knew. There are numerous victims in this next post, and one of them never even got the chance to love or hate or even see the world. There is one victim that I will talk about because I feel the person should never be forgotten because this person fought for love of the innocent. I hope you will, as you read, be able to understand and see some of the lessons I have seen, because like I said some of the lessons are hard for me to put into words. I want to try and teach through this blog not just about people I’m related to, or others are related to, but how everyone should be learned from, both in the past and in the present, even if they are horrible people or were horrible, everyone has a lesson and a life to learn from.


Anyhow, thank you for your patience and thank you all for subscribing and continuing to read my blog, I promise you after this next post I am back to more positive people haha and more positive lives.


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Hello, my name is Christina Siceloff. I am 31 years old and grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been doing family history of my own since 2002, but have started doing it for others as well in the past few years here and there. I love history, and also like music, movies, and video games. I have an associates degree in general studies with concentrations in humanities and social sciences. I also went to school for my EMT certification and plan on one day completing that as well, that darn written exam lol. I also was a volunteer firefighter and plan to join back up with that sometime too.

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