My name is Christina Siceloff. I have been doing my own ancestry since 2002. I got started when I had a class project back in high school. Like many other people, and maybe like you, I did not know much about my ancestors. I knew my great grandmothers on my father’s side when I was a really little girl, and now all I remember is their faces. They died when I was really little. All of my great grandfathers and one great grandmother died before I was born. I was lucky enough though to have my grandparents around when I started doing my research.They were able to tell me a good bit about my ancestors that they had known, but still I wanted to know more. So after the project was over I continued to research my family tree and have now gotten to know more about the people who had come before me. My ancestors who came to America, I was able to find why most of them did. I also got to learn about their lives as well as some of their descendants. I was able to learn about those that were good people and some that were troubled as well. Everyone has the good eggs and the bad eggs in their families, and researching their stories you can find out why they were who they were. I was able to learn about their loves, interests, hardships, and far more than what I would have ever thought I would learn.
As for my own family, I grew up in western Pennsylvania, about an hour or so from Pittsburgh. I have a younger brother and an awesome little niece. My parents got divorced when I was about six years old and we went to live with my mother. I bounced around for a bit from school to school, but graduated in 2004. My dad’s parents watched us a lot when I was growing up, as did my grandma on my mother’s side (her and my grandfather divorced when my mother was young). My mother was a social worker when I was growing up and my dad worked in a glass factory for a long time as well as cut grass for people and did some other odd jobs. As a little girl I wanted to be a singer, but as many know that field is hard to get into. I am a pretty shy person until I get to know someone because of being picked on when I was in school.
After graduating high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I debated on joining the Air Force or going to school to learn how to fly airplanes. I always wanted to know what the world would be like from a different point of view. After talking to a recruiter and thinking about my chances of having to go to war I decided to go to school to fly planes, as I did not want to go to war and wasn’t ready to leave what I knew. I went to the local community college to learn how to fly and was good at flying planes, but not so good at the book work that went along with it. After taking some years off of school and a bad relationship I decided to go back in 2007. I stayed in college this time around, taking some History courses, English courses, Computer courses, as well as some other random courses and in 2012 graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies with concentrations in Humanities and Social Sciences.

In the time before I had returned to school I was working some odd jobs, of which I didn’t really like and got bored of, and also was a volunteer firefighter. I thought about doing that because I wanted to help people and also was inspired by the men and women who didn’t run from danger but ran to it on September 11, 2001. I could not make a career of this though as the vast majority of the firefighters around my area are volunteer.

Towards the

At Buckingham Palace in London, England

end of my time at community college I traveled to the United Kingdom, and really felt at home, maybe it was that ancestral blood running through me lol. I was there for six months, living in Wales, but traveled around to see London, Hastings, Canterbury, Shrewsbury, Manchester, Chester, Wrexham, and other places. The beauty of the country and the people made me really want to stay, but I had to come home as my passport would only allow me to stay for six months without a visa.

After coming home, I decided to get involved with the fire department again and joined another local volunteer department. I also went to school again to get my National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) certification so I could help more people in more ways. I completed the course, completed the hands on portion of the course, got CPR/AED certification, but could not complete the written

At a firefighter class

exam. As of now, I want to return to complete the course again and pass my written, and feel that is really what I want to do with my life. I also have certificates through the fire department, and through FEMA for incident command (NIMS).

Besides firefighting, flying planes and doing ancestry I also enjoy photography. Since I was young I have liked taking pictures, even if they were just pictures of things around the house. My mom used to say I would waste film because I would take pictures of nothing worth taking a picture of. I also like fishing, playing video games, social media (to a point), watching tv (Ghost Adventures, Supernatural, Who Do You Think You Are, Chicago Fire, among others), and hanging out with friends. I also like animals and nature. I have two pets, a kitten by the name of Sky, who’s crazy sometimes, and my brother’s twenty pound cat Tokyo who is about eight years old.

Here on this blog I am bringing stories I have found about the people in my own ancestry as well as others to you so that they are not just forgotten about and lost to history. I also want to share what lives would have been like for our ancestors in certain periods of history. If you have a story you would like to share please let me know and I will share with everyone as well. I also am looking to help other people find their own ancestors and their stories if they have been lost to the pages of history as well. If you would like my help for any reason, maybe you don’t even have the time to research your tree but still want to know who your ancestors were and where they came from please let me know. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy their stories and their lives as much as I have.


~(Featured Image)~ Myself at the Grand Canyon in Arizona 2016